DuPont Solutions Telecom Evaluation

Collaborating with IT Executives to Evaluate, Deploy, and Manage Telecom & Cloud Services

The SMB and Enterprise markets continue to re-structure in order to meet demands of an ever changing business climate. To meet these needs, strategy and execution become more important than ever.



We help organizations make the best decisions, choose the right solutions, and solidly execute on key projects in order to reach defined targets.



Network Design


Technology planning must start at the business level with technological requirements subsequently designed in order to support strategic objectives. In this way organizations can meet key objectives and execute on strategy effectively. We are specialists in designing networks to fit current and evolving business needs to allow for better collaboration and communication between customers, suppliers, and co-workers.







Network Integration


The main challenge to business today is the integration of data and data transfer. While it is desirable to implement solutions that rely on a multi-vendor approach, the end user experience must be one of reliability and continuity. We work with organizations to ensure that these goals are met.


Project Management


Telecom and IT projects are becoming more and more central to employee productivity and business results. With so much importance resting on them, it is paramount that they are completed on-time and according to budget. Whether the project is a small internal deployment, or a large project dependent on multiple suppliers, we can manage your project to ensure that it is carried out according to plan.