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Collaborating with IT Executives to Evaluate, Deploy, and Manage Telecom & Cloud Services

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We've desigined this site with the goal of providing valuable information to IT Executives who are responsible for evaluating and deploying telecommunicaion solutions.


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We are carrier neutral and represent most Telecom Carriers accross the United States.

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Value to you

1. Carrier Evaluation
2. Service Delivery
3. Account Management
4. Roadmap Planning
5. Trouble Ticket Management


Who we work with?

We work with IT Executives who have seen resources decrease while workloads have increased.  We act as an extension of your IT team.


For a short description on how we collaborate with managers, please visit the about us section.


About US

DuPont Solutions is a Carrier Neutral Telecommunications Firm collaborating with IT Executives to evaluate, deploy, and manage carrier solutions.  Representing over 50 carriers, we support executives throughout the telecom service lifecycle and work as an extension of your IT department.

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